High Ropes

vvczipsropesWant to challenge yourself?  Push the limits?  Mark some things off your bucket list?  Then high-ropes are for you! 

Climb to the top of the 55ft Quantum Towers one-foot square platform, muster your courage, and leap from the platform to ring the bell in mid-air.  Our facilitator will secure you on a belay system and slowly lower you to the ground after your leap. 

Feel the breeze through your hair on the Giant Swing.  Your group will pull you up into the air and when you're ready, pull the rip cord and swing through the forest! 

Minimun age 10 yrs, weight must be between 40 and 275lbs. 


2013 Rates



Call 615.643.7775 to schedule your adventure today.
Please reserve your adventure at least 3 days in advance.
Close-toed shoes required, no Crocs.


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