acctlogoThe Risk and Responsibilities of Valley View Camp and its members and managing agencies set a minimum age and weight for trips, you must also evaluate your own fitness level.  Participating in outdoor activities involves inherent risks and can be physically demanding.  All guests go at their own risk and are required to sign a liability waiver.  Participants should be in good health and be able to walk up grades or steep hills.  You cannot participate if your are preganant or have broken bones.  Valley View Camp does not allow the use of any alcohol or tobacco products.  We will remove anyone from the trip under the influence of these substances and no refund will be made.  You will be both wearing and carrying your equipment throughout the entire course.  If you are seriously overweight or have a special medical conditions, you should consult your physician before zip-lining. 

Valley View Camp Incorporated is a not for profit organization.
Managed by a board of directors.


Valley View Camp Zipa and Adventures